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December 31, 2016 — Dion Schrack completes 35 years as administrator of St. Francis Manor.

December 2016 — Phase I fundraising goal of $500,000 met for the Hammond Center for Assisted Living.

2016 — Construction of four single-family homes completed in Phase VI, increasing total to 142 Seeland Park units.  Construction of two other single-family homes also underway.

May 2016 — USDA loan approved for $3.5 million, 40-year fixed at 2.875% for construction of the Hammond Center.

December 2015 — First new single-family home in Seeland Park’s Phase VI completed, increasing total to 138 homes. View Full Article

May 2015 — Began application process for $3.5 million USDA loan for the addition of the Hammond Center, a 20-apartment assisted living community named in honor of Montie & Betty Hammond. 

July 2014 — Seeland Park Phase VI property acquired. View the Full Article

April 2014 — Open House held to celebrate completion of $5.25 million remodeling and renovation project.  Remodeling of Hawn Center completed. View the Full Article

October 2013 — Remodeling of all 50 resident rooms completed.

January 2013 — Our 10-plex social area is renamed “The Hawn Center.” 

December 2012 — The first six of 50 resident rooms are remodeled and a new whirlpool spa is installed on each wing.

October 2012 — The new beauty salon featuring two stations with adjustable sinks to fit wheelchairs is completed. Remodel of three 8-plex garages is completed to accommodate the first two-bedroom 1,715 sq. ft. apartment with a one-car garage.

September 2012 — Our new Rehabilitation Clinic at the west end of the healthcare center opened, offering both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative services for physical, occupational and speech therapy. 

August 2012 — We celebrated the near completion of the $5.25 million building project for St. Francis Manor with an open house. 

May 2012 — Remodeling of the south lobby to add a family room and activities room is completed.

April 2012 — St. Francis Manor celebrates its 35th anniversary. Renovations are 80 percent complete. 

March 2012 — A new single-family home is completed in Phase II.

January 2012 — The new administration wing featuring offices and conference rooms opens at east end of the healthcare center.

November 2011 — The building renovation and remodel reaches 50% completion and includes a new state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, new assisted dining room and remodeled resident dining room. The newly remodeled social center opens for a Veterans Day celebration. More than 225 St. Francis Manor and Seeland Park residents and their families attend the first Thanksgiving buffet.

2010 — St. Francis Manor breaks ground for its $5.25 million building renovation and remodeling project. 

2009 — St. Francis Manor Foundation  is formed to support St. Francis Manor in its charitable endeavors.

2009 — The United States Department of Agriculture approves a $1 million loan to supplement private donor funding for the expansion of senior living facilities under the master plan of St. Francis Manor.

2009 — A rental house on Seeland Park Phase II is moved and excavation is completed in preparation for the construction of a new single-family home.

2008 — Seeland Park expands to 135 units with the completion of Phase V. The master plan is initiated with replacement windows for rooms in the healthcare center.

2007 — The master plan for the remodeling and renovation of St. Francis Manor is developed.

2004 — Seeland Park expands to 129 independent living units with the completion of Phase IV.

2003 — St. Francis Manor becomes a skilled care nursing facility.

2000 — Seeland Park’s 10-plex independent living apartments are completed.

1999 — Seeland Park’s 8-plex independent living apartments are completed.

1997 — Phase III of Seeland Park is developed.

1996 — The social center opens and the healthcare center expands to 78 beds.

1996 — The property for Seeland Park Phase III is acquired and Seeland Park’s 4-plex independent living apartments are completed.

1994 — Phase II of Seeland Park building begins and the future Seeland Park Phase V property is acquired.

1992 — Seeland Park Phase II property is acquired.

1989 — Seeland Park is created as a co-op and the Phase I building is launched.

1988 — The former St. Francis Hospital land is acquired and the healthcare center expands to 74 beds.

1985 — The healthcare center expands to 59 beds.

1982 — Dion Schrack becomes Administrator.

1980 — St. Francis Manor separates from Grinnell General Hospital.

1977 — The first residents are admitted to the brand-new, 51-bed St. Francis Manor healthcare center.

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