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Mona Bond and Pam Smith

By Mona Bond and Pam Smith, daughters of Geri Farr

We smile at each other, we are nice to each other, we speak kind words but mostly we are just going through the motions because we really don't know each other. But Pam and I honestly believe that the team at St. Francis Manor took the time to get to know our mother. She lived with you all for 10 years. She could be fun but she could be a pain in the behind! She made you laugh and she might have made you cry but we always had faith that there were caregivers who cared about our mother every day.

We had our mother for over 90 years, through the good times, the bad times, the fun, the excitement and the wonderful memories that our lives give us.

For 13 days we sat with our mother. We held her hand, kissed her cheek, talked to her and as she was leaving us from one life and going onto a better life, we had each other. But it wasn't just Pam and was YOU. All of you who gave her the quality of life and fun she experienced as she lived her last 10 years at St. Francis Manor.

Our family wants you to know how very much we appreciate all of the staff, whether you knew our mom or not, whether you cleaned her room, changed the light bulbs, prepared her food, fed her the meals or changed her are our heroes, blessed of a wonderful talent and God has a special place for you.

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