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Skilled Nursing Care & Rehabilitation Testimonials

I fell on the ice and broke my leg on January 27, 2020.  Following surgery in Des Moines, I needed to continue my recovery at a skilled nursing facility and was provided a list of 10 possible locations in and around Grinnell.  After reviewing all of my options, I chose St. Francis Manor where I spent one month rehabilitating my leg. I received physical and occupational therapy every day while being cared for by very professional and caring nurses and aides.

I was able to safely return home in March but I have continued receiving physical therapy on an outpatient basis through the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor. Thanks to the physical therapy team of Jon, Tim, Brett and Jessica who are all very professional and well organized, my rehab has gone very well. We are blessed to have such a facility in Grinnell! I sincerely thank each and everyone at St. Francis Manor for their care and support.

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Dick Ritter

Linda Overturf of Malcom came to St. Francis Manor for skilled care (nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy) following hip replacement surgery which broke her femur (thigh bone) in November 2018. According to Linda’s daughter, Jane Axmear, “Mom was received with open arms upon arriving at St. Francis Manor late in the afternoon and by bedtime she was already adjusting to the idea of Christmas at the Manor.” During her stay, Linda received daily physical and occupational therapies to help her manage pain and regain her strength and balance so that she could safely return home. “I looked forward to therapy and the schedule of events which made the days fly by,” said Linda. “My husband visited daily and was made comfortable as well. We even took afternoon naps together in our recliners—just like we do at home!”

“When the day finally arrived for Mom to go home, I believe she was a bit sad to leave all of the attention behind,” said Jane. “They truly made her feel good inside and out during her healing process. Her private room was clean and the staff were excellent—they listened to all of her concerns and never ignored her thoughts. Administrator/RN Tiffany Criswell made the insurance paperwork a breeze. The entire experience was flawless and my family and I are extremely grateful to have such a facility so close to home. Thank you to St. Francis Manor staff for the excellent care given to my mother and father throughout her recovery and outpatient therapy,” concluded Jane.

After Linda’s discharge to home on Christmas Eve day, she continued receiving physical therapy on an outpatient basis through the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor for another three months before graduating from her therapy program. According to Physical Therapist Assistant Tim Stahl, “Linda met her setback with great effort and fortitude and was able to achieve an ultimate comeback that allows her to enjoy her family and friends to the fullest, with far less regard to pain.”

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Linda Overturf

Due to a number of recent health issues, Larry Criswell of Grinnell has been in and out of the hospital numerous times since December 2018. Following his most recent hospitalization, Larry chose to have rehab at St. Francis Manor to regain his strength and balance before safely returning home. “I’ve always heard very good things about St. Francis Manor and its Rehabilitation Clinic and knew it was the place to go,” said Larry. “I received very good care and the food was very good too—thanks to my daughter, Cindy (Dietary Manager)!”

During Larry’s six-week stay at St. Francis Manor, he received physical therapy twice each day which included exercises to improve his cardiovascular function as well as his strength.  Physical Therapist Assistant Tim Stahl said, “Larry did not let his many medical setbacks prevent him from being motivated to succeed and his positive attitude ultimately helped him to return home.”

Larry’s wife, Pat, shared that after he returned home in March 2019, she was concerned about everything required of her to care for him. “Tiffany (Administrator/RN) and Morgan (Director of Nursing) were fantastic!  They calmed me down and were very patient in answering my many questions,” said Pat Criswell.  After returning home, Larry continued to receive physical therapy on an outpatient basis through the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor and successfully finished his treatment program on May 1. “Now I just need to gain a little weight,” joked Larry.

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Larry Criswell

After falling three times at home last autumn, I found myself with a broken arm and a badly bruised body.  I chose to recuperate at St. Francis Manor where I received outstanding care from all departments.  I was so fortunate to receive physical therapy and occupational therapy several times a day, seven days a week.  I owe them all the credit for my quick recuperation which made it possible for me to go home in less than a month and to continue receiving therapy on an outpatient basis through the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor until I fully regained my strength, balance and mobility.

When my husband needed physical therapy following a back operation a few months later, the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor gave him the same exceptional service on an outpatient basis.

If you or a family member are in need of physical, occupational or speech therapy, I recommend you look to St. Francis Manor and their rehabilitation clinic for either inpatient or outpatient services!

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Marcia Kellogg

Gordon Canfield retired on December 31, 2017, after serving as Grinnell’s Mayor for 18 years. “Other than the normal aches and pains associated with being an older person, I was fairly healthy while serving as Mayor,” said Gordon. “My retirement got off to a discouraging start when I began experiencing severe stomach pain in March, underwent a 4-hour surgery to remove my gall bladder, and subsequently had other complications which led to significant blood loss.” 

After lying in the hospital for three weeks, Gordon came to St. Francis Manor for skilled care (nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy) to help him regain his strength and balance so that he could safely return home.  During those three weeks, Gordon received physical therapy twice per day as well as occupational therapy to re-learn how to approach, rise and lower to a chair improving his safety as well as perform other daily tasks.

“Some of the exercises were easy and fun to do while others were really hard,” said Gordon. “The physical therapy staff really knows their stuff!  They were very creative and gave me many tips for living safer and more risk-free.”  Gordon also appreciated having a large, private room at St. Francis and mentioned that everyone was so friendly, including the genuinely cheerful laundry staff. 

According to Physical Therapist Assistant Tim Stahl, “One aspect of our new LiteGait System is using Q-pads—an interactive lighted device—which was a fun way for Gordon to work on his reaction time while improving his balance and strength and reducing his fall risk.  We also used short-wave diathermy to decrease swelling and increase Gordon’s strength in order to restore his balance.”

Gordon continues to work on improving his strength and balance through out-patient therapy with the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor.

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Gordon Canfield

Marjory Kaloupek experienced an unfortunate fall in her home last Halloween which shattered her shoulder and required a reverse shoulder replacement. Following her hospital stay, Marge received skilled care at St. Francis Manor until she was able to safely return... Read Moreabout Marjory Kaloupek testimonial

Marjory Kaloupek

"My original plan was to obtain outpatient therapy at the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor following knee replacement surgery in February as I had heard great comments about the therapy team at St. Francis Manor and knew I wanted... Read Moreabout Deb Arment testimonial

Deb Arment

Gordon Van Donselaar and his late wife, Lois, took care of people for over 20 years in their health care facility, Friendship Manor. Following surgery to replace a heart valve in November of 2015, Gordon found himself on the other... Read Moreabout Gordon Van Donselaar testimonial

Gordon Van Donselaar

“The care I received from St. Francis Manor and the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor after an unexpected hospitalization far exceeded my expectations. Everyone—including the skilled nursing staff; the physical, occupational and speech therapists; the staff in dietary, activities,... Read Moreabout Sally Kelm testimonial

Sally Kelm

“After suffering a massive cerebral stroke and losing the use of my right side for a few days, I chose the rehabilitation facility that would give me the most hours of rehab and still be close to my family—St. Francis... Read Moreabout Judy Hall testimonial

Judy Hall

“St. Francis Manor has seen me through two knee replacements, from the beginning stage of recovering in the healthcare center to continued therapy through out-patient services after I returned home. The great service from all the staff made it an... Read Moreabout Keith Bailey testimonial

Keith Bailey

“After completing physical therapy following double knee replacement surgery, I’m well on my way to recovery and I owe it all to the staff at St. Francis Manor. Their knowledge and professionalism have made my experience here great, and the... Read Moreabout Dana Melcher testimonial

Dana Melcher

“Everyone from aides, nursing home staff, administration and office staff worked to make Russ’s stay comfortable as he recovered enough to return home. We feel fortunate to have had the expertise with physical therapy.” Read Moreabout Leila Spearman testimonial

Leila Spearman
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