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Derecho Clean-up is a Team Effort

On August 10-11, Iowa and parts of Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana and western Ohio saw one of the more significant "Derecho" storms in years. Derecho, coming from the Spanish word "straight," is an in-land storm that surges with tornado and hurricane-force winds. Derechos are known to appear during the summer, as they are considered a warm-weather phenomenon, tend to extend the gusts of wind longer than normal wind storms to hours and even days.

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Seeland Park Stories: Iowa State Fair

We all are missing the Iowa State Fair this year. What are some of the things you miss the most? Butter cow? How many different things you can eat on a stick? Perhaps you took part in the competitions? Share with us below and enjoy Seeland Park Resident, Gwen Rieck's fond memories of days at the fair.....

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Staff Appreciation at St. Francis Manor

The derecho storm cancelled our staff appreciation celebration scheduled on August 12 but we still want to thank our amazing staff for being team players and doing whatever it takes to get the job done! “Our employees have shown great perseverance and adaptability especially during the last five months of COVID-19 and now with all of the storm damage,” said Dion Schrack. “We appreciate you and are blessed to have you working with us."

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Seeland Park Stories: My Miracle

Seeland Park resident, Kathi shares some thoughts. "I have always believed in miracles; and during this terrible pandemic, I have not been disappointed! My mother always planted pansies every year; and she told me, “When you have white pansies, they are telling you that somebody is watching over you.”

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A Moment in History: Horse Draw School Bus

Most of us probably haven’t even heard of a horse-drawn school bus—let alone ridden in one! Russ Sadler, resident at Seeland Park, however, rode to school in a horse-drawn bus in Selma, Iowa during the 1940s. 

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St. Francis Manor’s Heroes Commemorated for Work During COVID-19

In recognition of all the heroes working at St. Francis Manor during the COVID-19 pandemic, Seeland Park resident Mike Sawyer recently presented a wood-burning plaque created by artist Kathy Reed of Grinnell to Administrator/RN Tiffany Criswell, who continues to lead the COVID-19 charge at St. Francis.

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Father's Day Feature

In celebration of Father’s Day this month, Randy Durr and Kelly Sieck provided articles about their fathers—Maynard Durr and Jerry Davis. 

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