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Hammond Center Tenants

By Hammond Center Tenants

"I have built great friendships with the tenants and staff." Bev

"We love the care, support, and friendships from the tenants and staff!" John and Dorothy

"The environment of the Hammond Center is very family oriented. I also love the view I experience from my apartment windows." Mary

"I enjoy all the resources provided like the downstairs exercise room and activities surrounding arts and crafts." Clara

"Almost feels like home. The staff treats you like their own with their friendly, caring, and loving attitudes." Nancy

"Meals are great, always clean, and staff is always willing to help in any way." Mervin

"I appreciate the care and support offered. The staff always keeps me motivated. The meals are always amazing as well!" Bob

"I admire how the apartments feel like home and the friendships I have built within the Hammond Center."  Janet

"The Hammond Center staff expresses kindness, love, and support while also doing an amazing job at making it feel like home." Ellen

"We are treated with compassion. If I ever need anything, someone is always there. I am never alone and that means the world!" Janyce

"A wonderful place! I am happy I am here! Grateful for the care and support I receive from the staff and tenants." Doris

"Thankful to feel like I am part of a community. The friendships and services here are amazing!" Velma

"Staff are always willing to help with something big or small!" Paul

"I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love everyone I have met and miss the ones that have left!" Dorothy P.

"I am grateful to be here! The staff is the most important part-they make it their passion to put us all first and remember everything!" Marjory

"I enjoy the nice tenants and staff. The staff makes this a safe and comfortable environment for us!" Lois

"The convenience is amazing. You can count on the staff always being here for you!" Jane

"Activities and everything offered to us is amazing. I am grateful for it all!" Theda

"I've cared for people my whole life, so it is nice to get it in return. The staff knows me so well, the things I like or dislike. I am appreciative of that!" Molly

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