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February 2022 – St. Francis Manor celebrates 45 years as a care facility

January 1, 2022 – Executive Administrator Dion Schrack celebrates 40 years of service

January 8, 2021 – St. Francis Manor residents, Hammond Center tenants and staff members receive their first COVID vaccinations

December 2019 – Ken and Mary Eggman, major donors to the Hammond Center for Assisted Living, are stepping up again with a $13,000 matching pledge to help raise funds for a new van for resident transportation.

October 30, 2019Seeland Park celebrates its 30th Anniversary

March 4, 2019 – Hammond Center for Assisted Living officially opens with its first tenant, Leila Maring, moving in

September 28, 2018 – The family of Jewel W. Kintzinger (1933 - 2017) has announced a matching fundraising effort of $60,000 to support the completion of the Hammond Center for Assisted Living

May 2018 – Physical Therapist Assistant Tim Stahl and Physical Therapist Jon Duke completed their LiteGait Fundraiser bicycle ride across Iowa on gravel or dirt roads in just 2.5 days and raised sufficient funds to purchase a LiteGait system for the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor

April 5, 2018 – Sammi Bryan RN named Manager/RN of Hammond Center for Assisted Living

September 7, 2017 – Work begins on the Hammond Center project

August 2017 – Eighth single-family home completed in Phase VI making 145 Seeland Park homes

July 11, 2017 – Groundbreaking ceremony for the Hammond Center project

December 31, 2016 — Dion Schrack completes 35 years as administrator of St. Francis Manor.

December 2016 — Phase I fundraising goal of $500,000 met for the Hammond Center for Assisted Living.

2016 — Construction of four single-family homes completed in Phase VI, increasing total to 142 Seeland Park units.  Construction of two other single-family homes also underway.

May 2016 — USDA loan approved for $3.5 million, 40-year fixed at 2.875% for construction of the Hammond Center.

December 2015 — First new single-family home in Seeland Park’s Phase VI completed, increasing total to 138 homes. 

May 2015 — Began application process for $3.5 million USDA loan for the addition of the Hammond Center, a 20-apartment assisted living community named in honor of Montie & Betty Hammond. 

July 2014 — Seeland Park Phase VI property acquired. View the Full Article

April 2014 — Open House held to celebrate completion of $5.25 million remodeling and renovation project.  Remodeling of Hawn Center completed. View the Full Article

October 2013 — Remodeling of all 50 resident rooms completed.

January 2013 — Our 10-plex social area is renamed “The Hawn Center.” 

December 2012 — The first six of 50 resident rooms are remodeled and a new whirlpool spa is installed on each wing.

October 2012 — The new beauty salon featuring two stations with adjustable sinks to fit wheelchairs is completed. Remodel of three 8-plex garages is completed to accommodate the first two-bedroom 1,715 sq. ft. apartment with a one-car garage.

September 2012 — Our new Rehabilitation Clinic at the west end of the healthcare center opened, offering both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative services for physical, occupational and speech therapy. 

August 2012 — We celebrated the near completion of the $5.25 million building project for St. Francis Manor with an open house. 

May 2012 — Remodeling of the south lobby to add a family room and activities room is completed.

April 2012 — St. Francis Manor celebrates its 35th anniversary. Renovations are 80 percent complete. 

March 2012 — A new single-family home is completed in Phase II.

January 2012 — The new administration wing featuring offices and conference rooms opens at east end of the healthcare center.

November 2011 — The building renovation and remodel reaches 50% completion and includes a new state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, new assisted dining room and remodeled resident dining room. The newly remodeled social center opens for a Veterans Day celebration. More than 225 St. Francis Manor and Seeland Park residents and their families attend the first Thanksgiving buffet.

2010 — St. Francis Manor breaks ground for its $5.25 million building renovation and remodeling project. 

2009 — St. Francis Manor Foundation  is formed to support St. Francis Manor in its charitable endeavors.

2009 — The United States Department of Agriculture approves a $1 million loan to supplement private donor funding for the expansion of senior living facilities under the master plan of St. Francis Manor.

2009 — A rental house on Seeland Park Phase II is moved and excavation is completed in preparation for the construction of a new single-family home.

2008 — Seeland Park expands to 135 units with the completion of Phase V. The master plan is initiated with replacement windows for rooms in the healthcare center.

2007 — The master plan for the remodeling and renovation of St. Francis Manor is developed.

2004 — Seeland Park expands to 129 independent living units with the completion of Phase IV.

2003 — St. Francis Manor becomes a skilled care nursing facility.

2000 — Seeland Park’s 10-plex independent living apartments are completed.

1999 — Seeland Park’s 8-plex independent living apartments are completed.

1997 — Phase III of Seeland Park is developed.

1996 — The social center opens and the healthcare center expands to 78 beds.

1996 — The property for Seeland Park Phase III is acquired and Seeland Park’s 4-plex independent living apartments are completed.

1994 — Phase II of Seeland Park building begins and the future Seeland Park Phase V property is acquired.

1992 — Seeland Park Phase II property is acquired.

1989 — Seeland Park is created as a co-op and the Phase I building is launched.

1988 — The former St. Francis Hospital land is acquired and the healthcare center expands to 74 beds.

1985 — The healthcare center expands to 59 beds.

1982 — Dion Schrack becomes Administrator.

1980 — St. Francis Manor separates from Grinnell General Hospital.

1977 — The first residents are admitted to the brand-new, 51-bed St. Francis Manor healthcare center.

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