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Gregg Hawkins

By Gregg Hawkins, Resident since 2017

My wife and I built a single-family home at Seeland Park in 2017. Even though we are some of the younger residents, we’ve never regretted our decision. We have fantastic neighbors and have become good friends with many people all across the 31-acre campus.  I had a serious bout with cancer which caused us to think a bit more about our future and what it might hold for us. After living in the home that we bought when coming to Grinnell over forty years ago, we decided to build a new house for our retirement years and Seeland Park offered us just that opportunity. 

I was very involved in the design of our house, working with the architect from Bushong Construction. Even though this was a completely new experience for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We are very happy with the way it turned out and it really feels like home to us now.  We built a very open concept living space so that we have room to host our two daughters’ families and others who come visit us. 

It is nice to have the peace of mind that everything is taken care of for us here at Seeland Park. The Maintenance Department addresses any issues that we might encounter with the exterior or interior of our home, including appliances.  Our snow removal and lawn care are provided as well—but we currently choose to mow ourselves as it’s good exercise for us! Our campus is well-maintained to keep it looking very nice and attractive for walking or riding around.

With the opening of the new Hammond Center for Assisted Living here on campus, we have access to the exercise room with a nice walking track and numerous types of exercise equipment. There is a fitness director to assist us as needed and who offers different levels of fitness classes at various intensity/capability levels which are available to all of us at no charge.

Should we require physical therapy for any reason, we also have a wonderful PT department on campus and great staff to help us. In addition, we have a code-alert button that gives us quick access to help from St. Francis Manor 24/7 should it be needed and all housing units are monitored for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels to assure the safety of all individuals. If we want to go away for a few days or longer, all we have to do is contact the St. Francis Administration office and they will ensure that our house is monitored for any issues. That’s a great feeling of security!

This is a great place to live out our retirement years and if either of us gets to a point that we need skilled nursing to recover from a hospitalization, assisted living, nursing home care, or just want to downsize to a duplex or apartment, the administration office will help us take care of the details—including the sale of our house!

There are still five more building lots available in Phase VI of Seeland Park and we would love having some additional new neighbors!  Contact Dion if you are interested in seeing what Seeland Park could be in your future.

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