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Jim White

By Jim White

Following surgery in June 2018 for a total left knee replacement, Jim White (better known as the Bates Flowers man), chose to have outpatient physical therapy in Grinnell at the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor, which provides physical, occupational and/or speech therapy to individuals of all ages.

"My quality of life has improved tremendously since my surgery and therapy," Jim stated enthusiastically. "I went from hobbling around with a cane and having a difficult time delivering flowers, to walking and climbing stairs like I did when I was young. I should have done it sooner!"

"Physical Therapist Assistant Tim Stahl and Physical Therapist Jon Duke are a class act in my opinion"; Jim continued. "Their attention, kindness, and compassion to me and the other clients I observed receiving therapy was top-notch. After I completed about a month of physical therapy and was released, I felt so good I went home and planted 40 bulbs! I never thought I'd be able to get on my hands and knees again."

Tim Stahl has been serving St. Francis Manors rehabilitation programs for over 10 years and enjoys helping individuals of all ages and fitness levels along their roads to recovery. Jon has been the primary physical therapist at St. Francis Manor since March 2015 and has a strong passion for improving function in the geriatric population.

When asked Jim why he chose the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor for his outpatient physical therapy, he stated, Hearing positive things and seeing big improvements in others who had gone to the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor for outpatient therapy with Tim and Jon. "St. Francis is lucky to have them!” 

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