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Kaiden Peak and Out-Patient Rehabilitation Therapy

By Cristy Peak-Osborn

Last July, Kaiden was sidelined after fracturing his left ankle in a skateboarding accident. When Kaiden was still experiencing ankle problems in December, his orthopedic physician determined physical therapy was needed. “My sister spoke very highly of the physical therapists at the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor after she had therapy there and she recommended that we take Kaiden there too,” said Kaiden’s grandma, Cristy Peak-Osborn. “At first I felt kind of weird going to a nursing home facility because I was a kid” remarked Kaiden, “but the guys (therapists) helped make me feel very comfortable and less out of place.” 

Within approximately one month of starting out-patient physical therapy at the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor, Kaiden’s ankle pain and decreased strength, functional mobility and range of motion were resolved. “Kaiden progressed quickly in terms of strengthening, balance and decreased pain with the combined use of patterned electrical stimulation and very specific exercise,” stated Physical Therapy Assistant Tim Stahl.

“After dealing with ankle pain and restrictions for so many months, our family was pleased to see how quickly the physical therapy helped Kaiden regain full use of his ankle,” stated Cristy. “Kaiden’s injury was to the growth plate so if Kaiden should need surgery and rehab in the future, we would return to the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor for physical therapy.”

“I won a new skateboard at a fundraiser this spring and I’m anxious to use it,” says Kaiden, “but I’m going to take it slow!”

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