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Linda Overturf - Skilled Care

By Linda Overturf

Linda Overturf, graduates from rehabilitation therapy!

Linda Overturf of Malcom came to St. Francis Manor for skilled care (nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy) following hip replacement surgery which broke her femur (thigh bone) in November 2018. According to Linda’s daughter, Jane Axmear, “Mom was received with open arms upon arriving at St. Francis Manor late in the afternoon and by bedtime she was already adjusting to the idea of Christmas at the Manor.” During her stay, Linda received daily physical and occupational therapies to help her manage pain and regain her strength and balance so that she could safely return home. “I looked forward to therapy and the schedule of events which made the days fly by,” said Linda. “My husband visited daily and was made comfortable as well. We even took afternoon naps together in our recliners—just like we do at home!”

“When the day finally arrived for Mom to go home, I believe she was a bit sad to leave all of the attention behind,” said Jane. “They truly made her feel good inside and out during her healing process. Her private room was clean and the staff were excellent—they listened to all of her concerns and never ignored her thoughts. Administrator/RN Tiffany Criswell made the insurance paperwork a breeze. The entire experience was flawless and my family and I are extremely grateful to have such a facility so close to home. Thank you to St. Francis Manor staff for the excellent care given to my mother and father throughout her recovery and outpatient therapy,” concluded Jane.

After Linda’s discharge to home on Christmas Eve day, she continued receiving physical therapy on an outpatient basis through the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis Manor for another three months before graduating from her therapy program. According to Physical Therapist Assistant Tim Stahl, “Linda met her setback with great effort and fortitude and was able to achieve an ultimate comeback that allows her to enjoy her family and friends to the fullest, with far less regard to pain.”

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