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Does Medicare cover skilled nursing care and long-term care at St. Francis Manor?

The following two government programs may provide financial assistance if you or a loved one should need skilled nursing care or long-term nursing home care:

  • Medicare: Although virtually all seniors have Medicare coverage, this government program does not pay for ongoing long-term nursing home care.  However, Medicare may pay for up to 100 days of skilled nursing care if an individual is hospitalized for at least three days and is in need of skilled nursing care and rehabilitation such as physical, occupational and/or speech therapy to recover before he/she is able to return home.  Also known as hospital-to-home care, skilled care is often needed by individuals who have suffered a stroke or heart attack, had joint replacement surgery, or have had a fall resulting in a broken hip or multiple injuries.  Medicare may also pay for out-patient physical, occupational and speech therapy provided by the Rehabilitation Clinic at St. Francis.    
  • Medicaid:  Individuals may be eligible for Medicaid coverage if they meet certain income and asset requirements. Once an individual becomes eligible, Medicaid will determine the amount of income that he/she must pay for their care, known as the "client participation."  Medicare then covers the remaining cost of care in a long-term care facility plus other medically necessary services such as physicians, dentists, hospitals, non-Part D covered prescribed drugs, ambulance services and eyeglasses.  Families should be aware that a federal law requires states to try to recover money spent on long-term care from a person's estate once they and their spouse are deceased.

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