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Father's Day Feature

June 24, 2020

Maynard Durr by his son, Randy Durr

Dad was full of life and he always seemed to live life to the fullest especially when he was younger. Dad came from a generation where work was important. In fact, a lot of people from Grinnell probably knew dad from the Standard station down by the interstate, car washes in Grinnell and Newton, delivering dirt, crop farming, hog and cattle producer, stock market investor, sales of different products like pit cleaners and fireplaces and so on...!  Father’s Day is a special day for a man who wanted to support his family. One thing that took me 50 years to figure out was why my dad was nicknamed Monk. The truth came out when his buddies told me that before Dad went to the war, he and his buddies got so drunk that dad climbed a tree and was acting like a monkey so all his friends started calling him Monk! It is always nice to sit and visit about the old times.



Jerry Davis by his daughter, Kelly Sieck

My dad has been a wonderful and funny father for 56 years.  He has two daughters, four grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren who refer to him as Grandpa Jerry or Wampus Cat.  My dad’s main hobby over the years was owning multiple restaurants and businesses and often recruiting my sister and me to help. One of my memories of those working days was going to the donut shop with him at 3:00 AM and crawling under the back counter where I slept while he made the donuts. But we always got all the donuts we could eat!  He often worked 2-3 jobs at a time which left little time for other hobbies. I have many memories of summer vacations and camping. He was always a jokester and kept us all laughing with his stories. He is definitely a people person. Dad has always been a storyteller and is on his third generation of Wampus Cat stories. Now in his retirement, Dad enjoys spending time with family and especially his great-grandchildren. To this day, he is still a positive and loving role model to everyone who knows him.

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