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Seeland Park Stories: My Golden Retrievers

July 30, 2020

As a little girl, I always wanted a dog to train. After Mike’s and my old dog died, my mother said she thought I would like a golden retriever because they were easy to train, so, one year on Mother’s Day, we drove to Fort Dodge to get our first golden which I named Spencer.  My brother suggested I should take her to obedience classes. I found a class in the Pennysaver here in town, and we were off. In that beginner’s class, she received the 4th place award and after that, she always placed first. Spencer was very easy to train with food, but she liked Mike the best. When she was two, I got a male for myself and he was the best dog I would ever have. His father was “Ace in the Hole” so I named him “Hearts are Trump.” He is pictured in front of the waterfall the day he won the highest score in the whole show. Trumpie introduced Mike and me to hunt tests and pheasant hunting. As we say in the field, “He always got his bird.” In the photo pictured, Trumpie is on my right and Spencer on my left with their ducks. In the photo above, Trumpie is on my right and Spencer on my left with their ducks.

After Trumpie and Spencer, we had golden retrievers named Glory, Freedom, and Liberty which were bred in partnership with our breeder Yvonne who is one of the top breeders in the United States. We still have Liberty aka Libby. Our new puppy is “Boston Tea Party” and she is my dog to grow old with. Boston loves life and Mike and me. She is in front of me in the photo to the left and Liberty is in front of Mike. All of our dogs have been through Therapy Dog training in Des Moines. Liberty is retired and Boston is not trained yet. Perhaps when Corona is over, you will see Boston and me!

by: Susan Thorndike, Seeland Park Resident



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