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Hammond Center for Assisted Living Passes First State Survey with Flying Colors

September 19, 2019

The Hammond Center for Assisted Living is Grinnell’s newest assisted living community having opened just six months ago. “Along with our 6-month anniversary came a state survey which we passed with flying colors!” said Administrator/RN Tiffany Criswell.  “The state surveyor said it is very rare for a new building not to receive at least one insufficiency so we were very pleased. Manager/RN Sammi Bryan and her staff are very caring and compassionate caregivers and they are awesome at promoting a warm and welcoming environment.”

“Living here makes me feel like I am part of a big happy family,” remarked tenant Margaret Van Der Kamp, who is often found at the large puzzle table.  “So many of us enjoy working on a puzzle together that we had to get a bigger table and even new lighting!”

The Hammond Center tenants and staff celebrated their first National Assisted Living Week with special events during the week of September 8.  Highlights included having Dari Barn on the Moove food truck on campus during lunch one day; a presentation by Jared Sunds with Blank Park Zoo's education department featuring a rabbit,  millipede, salamander and snake; and an Iowa/Iowa State tailgating party.  

“Celebrating is something we do very well here,” laughs Activity Director Abby Moyer.  “We enjoy celebrating our staff and tenants’ birthdays with yummy treats such as homemade pies and Candyland sundaes. Recently we were honored to help tenants John and Dorothy Latcham celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary and tenant Ileen Zegers and St. Francis Manor resident Wayne Zegers celebrate their 61st anniversary.”

“I love living at the Hammond Center and have made lots of new friends,” commented Ileen Zegers. “Plus, it is so convenient for me to visit my husband in the healthcare center since the Hammond Center is connected to St. Francis Manor. I am so glad my three kids urged me to move to the Hammond Center.”

“I love my day-to-day interactions with the wonderful people here in the Hammond Center," says Manager/RN Sammi Bryan, who was previously a surgical nurse for 29 years.  "The tenants and staff all have so much fun together.  We even enjoyed lunch at Oakland Acres and taking rides on golf carts one summer afternoon which was arranged by tenant Janyce Heishman.

The Hammond Center for Assisted Living provides individualized apartment living for those who either choose not to, or are no longer able to, live on their own. Tenants furnish their private apartment with their own furniture and personal belongings for a home-like environment.  The Hammond Center currently has 16 of its 20 apartments occupied with two additional apartments reserved.

“Come and visit us—we would love to give you a tour,” invites Bryan. The Hammond Center is located east of St. Francis Manor on

To schedule a tour of the Hammond Center for Assisted Living or for additional information, call Sammi Bryan at (641) 269-5454 or read more information on our Assisted Living Page

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