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Hammond Center for Assisted Living Celebrates 5-year Anniversary

March 13, 2024

The Hammond Center for Assisted Living celebrated its 5-year anniversary on March 5 with a special party for tenants and staff. The anniversary theme was “Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and some are gold.”  

Photo above: Current tenants at the Hammond Center for Assisted Living in Grinnell are pictured at their recent 5-year celebration. L-R 1st row:  Bill Wilson, Laura Eidsness, Pat Smith, Shirley Sieck, Betty Rowell. 2nd row: Lois Hurd, Mary DePauw, Dorothy Peak, Theda Fopma, Betty Hammond, Marge Kaloupek, Al Terpstra, Joyce Paul. 3rd row:  Glenn Van Dyke, Coleen Van Dyke, Clara Scott, Paul Sears, Marilyn Cummings, Bob Ryan.

A fun program was presented by Manager/RN Sammi Bryan which included each tenant receiving a trophy and certificate awarding them for something unique. Marilyn Cummings received the “Always Smiling” award. According to Sammi, Marilyn has the best-smelling apartment, loves a good game of bags, and is usually the champion! Betty Hammond received the “Life of the Party” award. Betty is our “hat lady” and still goes on dates at age 90! She is an assistant coach to Marge Kaloupek while watching the ballgames in the Hammond Center living room. Bob Ryan was recognized for being the newest addition to the Hammond Center family and for always going to each table to say “Good Morning” to the tenants. Bob received the award for the “Newest Tenant and Very Devoted Husband.” Paul Sears was recognized for always wanting to help others whether it is clearing the tables after each meal or moving the tenants’ walkers close to them. Paul received the award for “Best Table Clearer.” “Each tenant is so special and we have made so many wonderful memories together,” said Sammi. “We are like family here at the Hammond Center.”

“The national average length of stay for a tenant residing in Assisted Living is 22 months and we have nine current tenants who have surpassed this average,” remarked Sammi. “Two tenants will celebrate five years of living at the Hammond Center this year – Dorothy Peak on March 19th and Bill Wilson (both pictured left) on September 24th. Currently, 10 of our 19 tenants are age 90 or above.”  

The attendees dined on a delicious meal of chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, meat, cheese & crackers, fruit, veggies, and cupcakes prepared by the St. Francis Manor culinary staff. 

The 50 tenants who have lived in the Hammond Center during the last five years were honored with their photos displayed on silver and gold stars. A balloon arch with silver, gold, and black balloons served as a backdrop for many photos during the afternoon celebration.

“The Hammond Center is a beautiful building, but the tenants and staff are the heart of the caring and family atmosphere here,” said Executive Administrator Dion Schrack. “I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to be associated with our tenants and staff. One of these tenants is Betty Hammond, a colleague of mine for many years selling Seeland Park homes. We named the Hammond Center in honor of Betty and her husband Montie but not many people get to reap the benefits from having something named after them. Now after many years of hard work, Betty is being pampered at the Hammond Center.” Betty received the “Life of the Party” award at the 5-year celebration (pictured right). The Hammond Center for Assisted Living was named in honor of Betty and her husband Montie.

For more information about the Hammond Center for Assisted Living or to schedule a tour, contact Sammi Bryan at 641-269-5454 or by email at Currently, names can be added to the waiting list as 18 of the 20 Hammond Center apartments are occupied and two new tenants will be moving in this month. 

St. Francis Manor/Hammond Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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