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Senior Homecoming Dance Held at St. Francis Manor

October 16, 2019

While Grinnell High School students attended their Homecoming Dance on October 5, another dance was held across town at St. Francis Manor. Kayla Faas, Fitness Director at St. Francis Manor, planned this event as a way to end Active Aging Week with a bang!

“Our residents/tenants participated in a variety of fun activities during Active Aging Week, including football toss, exercise Bingo, and Olympic games that included balloon tennis, stacking competition and discus throwing, to show them that even if they are in wheelchairs, they can still be active and have fun,” said Kayla.  “The senior dance was the culmination of our week.”

The theme of “Dancing Through the Decades” featured a variety of music including two-step, Big Band, polka and waltz with DJ services provided by Faythe Kubik from Waterloo. Many residents from St. Francis Manor and the Hammond Center for Assisted Living enjoyed listening to the music too. “My goal when creating this event was to have all attendees included and moving,” said Kayla. “Faythe also did a great job of getting everyone involved. Right from the beginning she made sure everybody was either waving their hands or doing something so that they were active.”

“Over 70 Seeland Park residents and members of the Grinnell community also enjoyed themselves at the dance,” said Kayla. “Attendees were encouraged to dress in clothing from their favorite decade and it was fun to see poodle skirts and even a pair of saddle shoes! One gal’s outfit looked like a pink sparkling homecoming dress.” Many attendees had their photos taken beneath a balloon arch that Kayla and her coworkers had assembled.

GHS students and St. Francis Manor employees Maddie Schrack and Max Ellis joined in the fun at the St. Francis Manor dance before heading to their GHS homecoming dance. “The residents loved seeing Max and me dressed up and wearing something other than our work uniforms,” said Maddie. “One of the Hammond Center tenants even arranged for her daughter to curl my hair so she’d be assured I didn’t go to the dance with my hair up in a messy bun like she was used to seeing,” laughed Maddie.

Like the high school dance, “Dancing through the Decades” served as a great way for different people to come together and have fun. Those attending the dance thought it was a very successful event and hope that the senior homecoming dance will become a Grinnell tradition. Kayla also attributed the dance’s success to the following sponsors: Martin Brothers for supplying refreshments, Faas Construction and Excavation, St. Francis Manor, Seeland Park, and the Hammond Center for Assisted Living.

View more photos from the dance on our facebook page

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