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Staff Appreciation at St. Francis Manor

August 19, 2020

The derecho storm cancelled our staff appreciation celebration scheduled on August 12 but we still want to thank our amazing staff for being team players and doing whatever it takes to get the job done! “Our employees have shown great perseverance and adaptability especially during the last five months of COVID-19 and now with all of the storm damage,” said Dion Schrack. “We appreciate you and are blessed to have you working with us.”

“Seasoned Employees” Dion Schrack and Rosalind Van Gorp (pictured right) have almost 70 years of combined professional experience—Dion with almost 40 years as an administrator and Rosalind with 30 years as a nurse.

Thank You to the following employees for your 240 combined years of service to our residents and tenants:

5 Years of Service

Miranda Anderson

Morgan Beck

Sammi Bryan

Tammy Creps

Arnie Finch

Zach Goodrich

Melissa Mendoza

Abby Moyer

Denise O’Polka

Julie Paglia

Katie Pollock

Maddie Schrack

Penni Sharer

10 Years of Service

Tiffany Criswell

Ron Nikkel

15 Years of Service

Tonya Miller

Haylee Pagliai

20 Years of Service

John McCulley (pictured left on the left)

Tim Stahl (pictured left on the right)

40 Years of Service

Janet Havel

45 Years of Service

Teresa Courtney

Congratulations to Janet Havel LPN (pictured below photo on the right) who received her 40-year service award and recently retired from St. Francis Manor after beginning her employment on May 20, 1980. “I planned on only being at St. Francis for a year then going to work at a hospital,” recalls Janet. “I have jokingly said that it has been the longest year of my life!  In fact, I have spent two-thirds of my life at St. Francis Manor.” Janet’s favorite things about her job were taking care of the residents and listening to the many stories of their lives. When asked how her job had changed over 40 years, Janet said, “We had one nurse for 50 residents and then got two nurses on the day shift after the addition of a 4th wing, skilled care nursing, and going from paper to computer charting.”  Janet’s plans in retirement are to paint the inside and outside of her house, work on photos (scrapbooking) of family descendants, genealogy, and crafts of all kinds.

Teresa Courtney (pictured left on the left) started her employment at Grinnell General Hospital on September 24, 1975 and remembers when St. Francis Manor opened in 1977 since she assisted with the move. “The move went very smoothly,” Teresa said. “The long-term care residents at Grinnell General Hospital were moved across town in the hospital’s van.” Teresa came to St. Francis Manor with the residents and has been employed here ever since! Congratulations and thank you to Teresa for her 45 years of dedicated service to the elderly.

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